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Clearwater TV Installation: 7 Common Mistakes Made During DIY

When tackling your Clearwater TV installation project yourself things don’t always go to plan. In fact, if you’re like me, things rarely go to plan. To help reduce the chance that things will fall apart during your Clearwater TV installation if you’re tackling DIY, here are 7 common mistakes you should avoid.

Common Clearwater TV Installation DIY Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not Anchoring Your TV Properly

One of the biggest Clearwater television installation mistakes people make is not anchoring their TV properly. Anchoring your TV isn’t just important to keep the TV secured on the wall, but it also keeps your drywall from crumbling. Yes, the weight of your TV can actually break your drywall and leave drywall and TV parts on your floor! Choose wall anchors that are rated for the weight of your TV and be sure to install them correctly.

2. Not Mounting the TV at Eyeline

It sounds simple, but I’ve made this mistake myself before. There is an optimal viewing height for a mounted television — at eyeline. If you mount your TV even slightly above or below that line, you’re going to wind up with neck pain. The whole point of mounting your TV at the perfect eyeline is so that everyone can watch television head-on without craning their neck upward or watching TV with their chin on their chest. Professional installation experts recommend that you mount your TV with the center of the screen at around 42” high. This will put the middle of the TV screen at zero degrees with your eyeline when you’re sitting up straight on your sofa. Just keep in mind that this number might differ slightly depending on a few things like how tall you are (if you’re unusually tall, your TV may need to be higher), the size of your TV screen, and the height of your sofa.

3. Lack of Electrical Knowledge

If there’s one thing you need to remember when you’re taking on your Clearwater television installation project it’s that if you don’t have any electrical knowledge, you should just step away! Not only do you run the risk of electrocuting yourself by messing with wiring when you have no idea what you’re doing, but you also run the risk of creating the perfect environment for a fire. Just because you don’t set off a spark or shock yourself at the moment you install your TV doesn’t mean that you did things correctly or that your setup is safe.

4. Using the Wrong Wall Mount

When you go shopping for a wall mount for your TV you don’t only have to make sure that your TV mount is the right size for your TV (there’s a universal sizing system called the VESA which lets you know what size mount is right for your TV). The VESA numbers for your TV will be given in the TV specs, all you have to do is take those measurements and use them when shopping for your TV mount.

5. Forgetting the Surge Protector

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of investing in a good surge protector. If you only splurge on a few components, make your surge protector one of them.

6. Getting Cables That Are Too Short

When you buy cables that are too short and stretch them to reach, you compromise the integrity of the cables. Avoid this by buying longer cables than you think you might need, but not so long that you’ll wind up with too much extra cluttering up the area.

7. Running Your AV and Electrical Cables Together

If you run your AV cables too close to your electrical cables you can experience poor picture or sound quality. Do a little research and know how to run your cables separately to avoid this happening.

Or You Could…

Not confident that you can get your Clearwater TV installation job done yourself? Sometimes it’s better to know when to consult a professional, especially when the job involves electricity. If you’re at all unsure about any part of installing your TV, pick up the phone and call in a pro to get the job done for you. If I’m being honest, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be getting the pros to do my next install…I don’t think I’m quite ready to tackle mounting one over the fireplace just yet!

*Disclaimer. I have hired Suncoast Installs to install 3 flat screen TV’s on my lanai along with 7 pieces of artwork. In addition to that, I also provide OPM services for Suncoast Installs.



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